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Production line

The cable cover are manufactured by our extrusion production line. The production line is imported from Germany and has compact structure, highly efficient working, stable production and good plastification. This line uses conical twin-screw extruder with DC motor, electronic components and PT100 platinum resistance, which provide wide adjusting range and precise temperature control.
This extrusion line adopts single screw extruder with degassing type, melting pump, die, simple cooling tank, belt-type haul-off, embossing machine and table-type rewinder, etc, which each part can be controlled separately or inter-locking.

Production procedure

The cable cover are manufacture through our extruder with several profedures, like Extrusions

Aluminum Extrusions Inc. is a certified aluminum extruder that specializes in top notch, high precision extrusions. No matter what type of aluminum products you need, the quality of the finished product depends largely on our extrusion process.

The advantage of aluminum extrusion over other materials is that aluminum is a non-magnetic, non-combustible, and non-toxic material that is easy to form and extrude into simple and complex shapes. Other materials such as steel, molded plastic, and copper are not as efficient. Since we take the industry seriously, we are proud to work with such reliable material.

To provide our customers with an extensive array of extruding capabilities, AEI currently utilizes three (3) extrusion presses. Two of our presses are hydraulic Watson-Stillman presses, 1250-tons and 1400-tons. They have extruding capabilities of up to a six inch circumscribed circle diameter. Our third press is a 2200-ton Wean aluminum extrusion press, which can extrude up to a seven inch circumscribed circle diameter.

Our equipment's sawing capabilities range from six feet to twenty-five feet, which holds aluminum standard cutting tolerances. However, we can also hold specified cutting tolerances down to plus or minus 1/16. For a reasonable fabrication charge, we can cut from one foot (1 ft.) to five feet and eleven inches (5 ft. 11in.).

Although we have ready-made standard extruded shapes available, we also allow clients to specify customized shapes for their individual needs.

The equipment and machinery we use for extrusions help us provide clients with well-crafted aluminum products, ranging from simple window frames to grand stadium seating. Whether you need a finished aluminum extrusion product or products that require further fabrication, there is no job too big, too small, or too challenging for Aluminum Extrusions Inc.

We assure you that all your extrusion orders will be promptly delivered, and that customer service representatives will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

To learn more about our products and services, feel free to contact us (link to contact page here) or to browse our website (link to home page here).


After testing and quality check, the cable cover tile will be stored in warehouse for delivery. It will also be well packed and protected from any outside damage.

Any tiles less then 3mm thick will be packed in bamboo rolls, 100 meters in one roll. Tiles thicker then 3mm will be packed in bundles, 10 pieces in each bundles normally. Then the rolls and the bundle will be handle over wood pallet.

Cable cover in bundles

Cable cover in bamboo rolls


The cable covers will be loaded in pallet. And the pallets are later covered and strapped so the color of the cable cover itself will not fade when placing in construction site. The pallet itself is well design and with four sides open for forklift. The covering material also afford enough protection against climate condition and mechanical damage during transport to the final construction site. All panels will later be loaded in container with good condition and in strait line.

Pallet for cable covers

Exterior protection package

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